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Free plagiarism checker for you to use

Plagiarism matters more than you might think. The definition covers more than copying your colleague’s work or copying directly from research sources. It goes beyond literal copying to using others’ work without proper credit to your sources. If the tables turned, you also wouldn’t someone to pick your hard work along with the credit, would you? To avoid accidentally using someone’s work without giving them the credit they deserve, here’s a free online plagiarism checker from Essay Husk.

How a plagiarism checker works

A few easy steps are between you and your perfect original paper. Here’s what you have to do.

  • The plagiarism checker identifies text elements in your file/ content you provide
  • The text is broken into logical, semantically relevant phrases and sentences.
  • The sentences and phrases are checked for similarities within our local database of journals and publications.
  • Big portions of the text are compared according to algorithms, such as Shingle algorithm.
  • The plagiarism checker parses different search engines for similarities.
  • The plagiarism percentage is displayed, and a detailed report is generated.

Yep, it’s that easy! Three steps and you can be sure the paper you are submitting is original.

Why you need a good plagiarism checker

Your scholarly reputation may have taken years to build bit it could easily be damaged by an accusation of plagiarism. While most plagiarism issues are unintentional, they could easily impact your grades and livelihood. That’s why a good plagiarism checker should always be part of your writing armoury.

How to use Essay Husk Plagiarism checker

Essay Husk plagiarism checking tool is simple and free to use. It checks more sources and larger databases than your typical search engine. It also provides you with high-quality, detailed matches and helps you improve your writing skills.

Check your text for plagiarism in X easy steps:

  • Select the type of text you want to check. This helps us focus the comparison on a particular type of content.
  • Paste or type a title for your text
  • Paste or type your text
  • Click “Check My Essay”

If you need plagiarism-free papers or need to hire someone to remove plagiarism from your paper, Feel free to contact us